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federal supply chain management training
Training on topics including, but not limited to:
  • Price Analysis and Negotiations
  • Commercial Item Determinations
  • Competition and Source Justifications
  • Public Law Compliance
  • Counterfeit Electronic Parts
  • Cybersecurity in a CPSR Environment

Requisitioner Training

Directed specifically for requisitioners and addresses the documentation they must provide during the procurement cycle. Topics can include Source Selection, Market Research, Statements of Work, Technical Evaluations, Source Justifications (including Sole and Single), Best Value Competitions and Vendor Ratings/Evaluations.

Price Analysis

A comprehensive take on the seven approved FAR 15.404-1(b)(2) price analysis techniques. Topics can include Competition, Using Prices Previously Paid, Using Price Lists, Independent Estimates (including strategies for Prototype and Modified Commercial Item analyses), Market Rates and Other Than Current Cost of Pricing.

Customized Training

Customized training for any other issue of Federal Supply Chain Management for your company, including Earned Value Management Systems, Government Property, Teaming Agreements and NDAs, ITAR Requirements, Procurement Integrity Act, Conflicts of Interest, GSA Schedules, and Cost Analysis, among others.


Complete training on negotiation tactics and proper negotiation documentation. Topics can include, Negotiation Postures, Negotiation Elements and Techniques, and Informal and Formal Negotiation Memorandums


A deep dive on commerciality assertions, including topics such as Defining Commerciality, Conducting Market Research, Technical Evaluations, and Commercial Item Determinations.

Counterfeit Parts

A wholistic look on counterfeit parts, including topics such as Counterfeit Electronic Parts Detection and Avoidance System (CEPDAS) Requirements, I-TIER Approach to CEPDAS, and Documenting CEPDAS Compliance.

Small Business Management

For competition advocates and procurement in small business issues. Topics can include Defining small business types, Small Business Outreach, Small Business Liaison Office (SBLO), Defining and Proposing Small Business Participation, Small Business Subcontracting Plan Development and Documentation/Reporting and Mentor/Protégé Relationships.

Subcontract File Structure and Formation

An expansive look into CPSR compliant files including topics such as, Subcontract Terms and Components, Negotiation and Documentation of Subcontract Terms, Subcontract Types, Subcontract Files Structures and Maintenance, Change Orders and Modifications, Subcontract Stop-Work Orders and Terminations, Letter Subcontracts and Subcontract Closeouts.

Public Law

Public law compliance for the CPSR. Topics can include Advanced Notice and Consent (ANC), Berry Amendment and Specialty Metals, Buy American Act, Cost Accounting Standards, Day of Award Certifications, Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS), Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO), Executive Compensation and Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA), Small Business Subcontracting Plans, Representations and Certifications, and Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA).

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