ProcureLinx can build your purchasing system from the ground up, or assist with your efforts before – or after – DCMA performs their review. Our specialties include process improvements, change management, internal file reviews, manual and template reviews, live CPSR support, acquisition target evaluation, as well as organization-specific customized services.

Contractor Purchasing System Reviews (CPSR)

Pro, the internal ProcureLinx audit tool, automates file documentation requirements using regulatory logic. Pro provides real-time metrics on reviews of purchasing system output. File reviews in preparation for a “live” CPSR are performed with a “black hat” approach that identifies all potential CPSR deficiencies as well as opportunities for remediation. File remediation focuses on addressing file deficiencies with the objective of gaining immediate purchasing system approval. ProcureLinx also offers CPSR Live Support, fully on-site or as-needed during the two-week DCMA review.

Procurement File Documentation Compliance

File remediation focuses on addressing file deficiencies with the objective of gaining immediate purchasing system approval. There are three general categories of file documentation that are required for compliant files: Public Law Documentation, Evaluative Documentation and Foundation Documentation. ProcureLinx is able to address these usual areas of deficiencies with multiple approaches, templates and forms.

Procurement File Reviews And Reports

ProcureLinx will perform “Black hat” reviews to identify all potential CPSR deficiencies as well as recommendations for remediation. The ProcureLinx internal audit tool, Pro, automates file documentation requirements using automated regulatory logic and provides real-time metrics on reviews of purchasing system output.

Procurement Policy And Procedure Manual Reviews

ProcureLinx will review procurement manuals (policies and procedures), which are subjected to a two-level review. At the first level, regulatory requirements (e.g. system output) are validated in accordance with then-current CPSR guidelines. At the second level, process-level references are removed from DCMA purview and procedures are revised and potentially redefined to eliminate otherwise unnecessary requirements. Review will also recommend the exclusion of policies and procedures not required by CPSR from DCMA deliverables. ProcureLinx0 will also assist in the creation of Procurement Policy and Procedure Manuals & Forms and support the associated change management.

Risk Assessments And Change Management

ProcureLinx can review your company’s Purchasing, Property and/or Small Business Offices to determine areas of risk and opportunities for improvement in efficiencies. While change may be necessary, and while changes implemented during CPSR preparations may actually reduce output requirements, effective change management is often required to “sell” revised processes (especially revisions to forms and templates completed by stakeholders outside Procurement) across the corporate enterprise. ProcureLinx can include, but is not limited to Presentations to Stakeholders; Training, development of graphic workflows and FAQs.

Process Improvement

ProcureLinx can review process-level requirements, including work or desk instructions, in coordination with personnel interviews to identify waste generated during output production and suggest revisions to eliminate any identified waste.

Customized On-Site Training

Comprehensive, expert-led individual and group training, which is tailored for Procurement and/or Operations. Please see the Training page for more details.

Small Business Liaison Office

Strategy and outreach development, training, Small Business Subcontracting Plan and Participation Plan Development and Semi-Annual Reporting Support (for ISR and SSR, SF294 and SF 295).

Support And Guidance For Entire CPSR Life Cycle

We can assist in the development of best approaches to your system from cradle to grave, specifically as it pertains to getting ready for a CPSR or during based on your needs and budget. This includes: Pre-CPSR, DCMA Risk Assessment response support, DCMA universe development and enclosure response support, File Review and Remediation and Live Support during CPSR.

We also offer

Property System Support

OCI Mitigation Plans

Accounting System Optimization For Procurement Organization Use

Proposal Support

Purchasing System Management Across Multiple Corporate Affiliates

A Few Words About

Our Founder

Mark Hijar is an industry-recognized expert in federal supply chain compliance. He has successfully supported hundreds of successful Contractor Purchasing System Reviews (CPSRs), competitive and sole source proposal processes (including FMS) as well as Property System evaluations, Estimating System audits and Incurred Cost Audit responses. During a single ICA, Mark worked along with the client to reduce DCAA’s audit-ending request for reimbursement by nearly $3M (90% from the initial request).

Mark was also counsel for a publicly traded government contractor where he oversaw the company’s intellectual property portfolio, export compliance, purchasing system administration, and contract negotiations. Over the course of his career, Mark has negotiated more than 8,000 contracts ranging from NDAs to CRADAs, including thousands of teaming agreements and subcontracts.

Along with published articles on CPSR compliance in CM Magazine, Mark serves as a recurring speaker for various local NCMA chapters including the Dulles Corridor, Free State, Potomac, and Old Dominion Chapters. Mark has also provided presentations upon request in Stafford, VA for the USMC Small Business Office and for the Greater Washington Society of CPAs (GWSCPA). Mark was a featured speaker at the 2019 NCMA World Congress in Boston, MA and presented at NCMA 2020 and 2021 Virtual SUBCON on CPSR issues. Mark also presented two (2) sessions at both 2022 SUBCON and 2022 World Congress in Chicago, IL.

Mark Hijar

Founder and CEO

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