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ProcureLinx Pro™ is the first and only web-enabled internal Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) process. It provides an effective roadmap for purchasing system approval through innovative features, which include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQs

What are ProcureLinx Pro™ System Requirements?

ProcureLinx Pro™ requires a computer with an internet connection and a modern Web Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Firefox version 3 or higher, Opera, Safari, etc.) with cookies and JavaScript enabled.

How does a ProcureLinx Pro™ review work?

ProcureLinx Pro™ applies threshold rules to every review (based on both public law and regulatory requirements and industry “best practices” for thresholds not based on either), which suggest required documentation based on the type of procurement.

I Forgot My Password – What Must I Do?

To log in to ProcureLinx Pro™, you must enter your Email Address and Password.  This information is stored in your ProcureLinx Pro™ User Details.

Does ProcureLinx Pro™ allow multiple levels of review?

The software allows for a layered approval process, if desired. Approvals are limited to “Power Users”.

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