Product Support

ProcureLinx Pro™ provides a suite of product support resources to get you up and running and provide real-time feedback on topics and questions related to your organization’s procurement support process. Resources include a robust internal help facility with instant access to process, requirements and terminology topics; an extensive searchable suite of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); and BLOG access to colleagues in the procurement community.

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Product FAQs

You must be an Administrator to be able to set up user accounts and assign licenses.

If your Organization does not have a ProcureLinx Pro™ account, you must set one up.

There are two types of ProcureLinx Pro™ licenses - Basic and Power Users.

ProcureLinx Pro™ is the first web-enabled application that fully automates a comprehensive CPSR-compliant internal review system for monitoring purchasing system performance.

ProcureLinx Pro™ requires a computer with an internet connection and a modern Web Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Firefox version 3 or higher, Opera, Safari, etc.) with cookies and JavaScript enabled.

ProcureLinx Pro™ applies threshold rules to every review (based on both public law and regulatory requirements and industry "best practices" for thresholds not based on either), which suggest required documentation based on the type of procurement

To log in to ProcureLinx Pro™, you must enter your Email Address and Password.  This information is stored in your ProcureLinx Pro™ User Details.

The software allows for a layered approval process, if desired. Approvals are limited to “Power Users”.

To reset your Password, click on your name at the top right of any ProcureLinx Pro™ screen, immediately to the right of the words: Logged in as